2 lucrative domaining niches: gambling and crypto

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21st Sep, 2021
John Wright

I’ve done domaining for a good 6 years and jumped into the space without any real experience in domaining. Actually the experience I had was buying domains and sitting on them not knowing how to monetize them at all.

Interestingly enough there are ways of monetizing domains and the space is different than it was when I started.

I’m going to share 2 niches that I think are the most lucrative in the domaining space. Sure I’m going to skip over brandable domains and Chinese domains as these are no doubt hot cakes.

They say the riches are in the niches and that is more than true for gambling and cryptocurrencies.

Gambling domains

It helps that I’ve worked in online gambling for nearly 20 years which means I’m very aware of what domains might be valuable when it comes to searching for ones that are available. Just to put that into perspective, some of the domains I’ve sold over the years have been as follows:

  • Slotsroom.com for $12,000
  • Euslots.com for $7500
  • Spindr.com for $2500
  • Slotsninja.com for $5000

I’ve sold other domains for lesser amounts and overall the income has been very passive and not required a lot of time to setup. The website I setup to list domains is gamblingdomains.io and the traffic isn’t mindblowing but it does a lot for the little traffic it gets.

Cryptocurrency domains

This domain space is hot for a lot of reasons. Anybody that has been involved in most cryptocurrencies from the early days, probably has a lot of money. You can treat this space as if it is just fintech only but it is really more than that.

The niches within the crypto space are mind boggling on their own and the rabbit hole goes deeper than gambling.

NFT domains

NFT domains were a thing before but moreso after Beeple sold some NFT art for an astounding $69 million USD. I think that is why on blockdomains.io I’ve decided to list NFT domains for sale.

Other niches in the cryptocurrency space

I’m just going to start throwing down some keywords and mention them to put things into perspective.

  • BTC - short for Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin - the biggest cryptocurrency on the market and why people come to the space
  • ETH - short for Ethereum
  • Ethereum - the 2nd largest cryptocurrency on the market, some consider a chance will overtake Bitcoin
  • DeFi - decentralized finance, this space is blowing up
  • NFT - stands for non-fungible token
  • Blockchain - this is the technology on which the whole crypto space is powered on
  • Fintech - short for finance tech. This was a thing before cryptocurrencies but it can include it when talking about fintech but is almost reserved for the “old” payments where many are embracing crypto
  • Alt coins - anything that isn’t Bitcoin or ETH is almost considered an alt coin. There are literally thousands of these

How to get started in domaining

If you are like me and already own a small collection of domains, you’ll want to list them somewhere. Your options are to launch your own website listing your inventory and/or publishing that inventory on a bigger marketplace.

Launching your own site requires time to get eyes and followers. You can use SEO to try to find the traffic but you need real people to connect with.

Domain marketplaces

The big 3 domain marketplaces today are really Sedo.com, Afternic.com and Dan.com. Sedo.com charges a whopping 15% take when domains are sold. Sedo have been one of the biggest marketplaces in a long time with GoDaddy’s system being possibly bigger which they own AfterNIC.

A new player in the space which is winning over a lot of people is Dan.com. They have an easy on the eyes website, easy for navigating and it is probably the most user friendly system for listing your domains. They only take 9% commission so you’ll probably feel better listing them here than on Sedo. 

Resources for domaining

Here are a few go to resources in the domaining space that you should pay attention to

  • NamesCon - the main conference for the domaining industry
  • NamePros - one of the biggest forums for domaining
  • Dan.com - probably one of the best places to park your domains to sell them
  • dnpric.es - look up historical sales of domain names based on keywords

21st Sep, 2021
John Wright